ISOLITE iTEX estopThe insulation that holds its shape.

The form element is based on a highly volumised effect-textured endless ECR glass fibre The open-pored surface of the 3-D form element and the effect-textured structure of the endless fibre make the high thermo-acoustic potential possible The structure of the insulation body allows even challenging installation geometries to be reflected
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Insulating body that holds its shape
and boasts a unique selling point

iTEX estop is an impressive cold-end insulation material that holds its shape, stays in position and is very easy to install. It is another product in the iTEX range that is made from textile glass fibers and is currently the only solution available that can homogeneously fill complex sound-absorber geometries – without organic binding agents.

iTEX estop – we keep things in shape.

Article in the ATZ edition 1/2017

All the features at a glance

Material requirement

In its solution with series capabilities, ISOLITE relies on an ECR glass fibre with an open structure. The state of the art is represented by an effect-textured endless fibre here. In the relevant production process, and starting from the roving spool, the endless filament is opened using a mechanical procedure. In this way, the fibre has a self-damping function, and later, in the insulation body, it works both as a porous and a resonant absorber.

The form element is based on a highly volumised effect-textured endless ECR glass fibre (© ISOLITE)

iTEX estop has a considerably higher degree of acoustic absorption α than solutions usual in the market

Easy to install

The preexisting structure of the fibers enables very high dimensional stability supported by a colloidal, open-pore, inorganic (mineral) outer.
What’s more, iTEX estop is easy to process according to customer requirements. Thanks to the precisely defined external geometry and perfect-fit application, there are no complications from protruding fibers when welding together the casings of sound absorbers.The component consists of several different layers with a gradual transition between them.
Here the increase in flexibility towards the inside ensures ease of installation as well as effective absorption of sound throughout the entire component. In the range between about 1000 to 4500 Hz in particular, the iTEX estop solution displays a considerably better degree of absorption (α) than roducts currently widespread in the market do.

Advantages in use:

As a result of its relatively hard but nevertheless open-pored outer layer (outer casing), the form element displays inherent stability as well as inherent attenuation thanks to the fibrous core. These characteristics allow high flexibility in the installation of the form element. It can be temporarily deformed non-permanently, allowing it to be installed with minimum compression in the short term. By reverting to its original shape after the actual installation process, it fills out the space up to 100 %, even in demanding geometries where the intended density amounts to between 80 and 120 g/l. As ISOLITE has developed a solution that doesn’t need any organic additives, no unwanted emissions are released the first time it is heated. Instead, the engineers used a specially developed inorganic binder that remains stable up to an application temperature of over 1000 °C.

The 3-D form element made of effect-textured ECR glass fibres combines a high degree of sound absorption, easy installation and a precise fit with environmental compatibility and consistent positional stability (© ISOLITE)

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